Problem with blocking internal calls, forwarding

Dear friends, I turn to you for help because I cannot cope.
I have a PBX based on Issabel’s asterisk.
The basic configuration of calling inside, outside, in groups, on certain days is familiar to me and I can handle it.
I’ve been struggling with the internal call blocking configuration for a few days now.

-30 internal numbers (numbers 100-130)
-3 groups (600-603)
-1 sip trunk

Group1 - secretariat -600
Group2 - boss - 601
Group3 - employees - 602

-100 - secretary’s office
-101 - reception
-103 - boss 1
-104 - boss 2
-105 - boss 3
-106 - protection
-107-130 - employees

I need that no one outside the secretariat can reach the bosses (103,104,105) or the group of bosses (602). An employee who wants to call the bosses must be immediately forwarded to the secretary’s office (100) and the secretary’s office is to transfer the call.

I’ve read a lot of posts on various forums and sites. I found that I can accomplish this by one of the options:

  1. Configure extension.conf, custom, aditional …
  2. Through the “Boss Secretary” module
  3. Through the “Class of Service” module

I have done all these options but still have the problem

  1. By changing the extension.conf

exten => _101/_103,1,Hangup)
exten => _103/_101,1,Hangup)

exten => _106/_103,1,Hangup)
exten => _103/_106,1,Hangup)

Calls from numbers 101 and 106 to 103 are automatically blocked, there is no automatic redirection to the secretariat.
If I call the secretariat directly from 101 and 106 and redirect to 103 - the call is terminated.

  1. Boss Secretary

BOSSES/CHIEFS: 103,104,105

Calls to bosses numbers are forwarded to the secretariat (100). Secretariat answers the call and redirects to a specific boss.
But if the secretariat rejects the incoming call, the telephone exchange automatically redirects the call to the previously selected boss by the caller …

  1. “Class of Service” module
    Again, to some extent I achieved what I wanted.
    I have three instances of misconfiguration

  2. internal calls to the BOSS first go to the SECRETARY, then the secretariat redirects them to the target BOSS.
    Outside calls are also sent first to the secretary’s office, then the secretary’s office forwards them to the destination external number
    (outside calls must work without secretarial acknowledgment/forwarding)

  3. internal calls to the BOSS do not go anywhere (ringing signal in the handset and nothing else)
    External connections work fine.

  4. internal calls to the BOSS first go to the SECRETARY, then the secretariat redirects them to the target BOSS.
    Calls outside go nowhere (ringing tone on handset and nothing else)

I have not found which functions to mark as: “ALLOW”, “ALLOW RULES”, “DENY”, “DENY RULES”

Would anyone be able to solve my problem?


If you have the Boss/Secretary module, it comes with support from Sangoma. I would open a ticket to see if they can help you resolve the issue.

The Boss/Secretary module is not commercial, it’s a very old community contribution that’s not been touched in more than a decade. I don’t know if it works or not with current versions.

I’ve done something like this with the Dynamic Routes modules, but I don’t know if dynroutes is installable on issabel: Setting up Boss/Secretary using Dynamic Routes

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