Problem with BLF using Grandstream 2010 Phones

Hey Folks,

im having an issue with one of my clients, we have about 26 GXP-2010 Phones the place we have a few switches interconnected because the place is really difficult (almost impossible) to re-wire, the issue basically is that the phones stop working the BLF, i have some of the speed dial button setup with BLF for parking and also for extensions present, so they can see when the user is on the phone.

that is been an issue back a forth when the BLF stop working, i contact grandstream and they says that the issue could be because the dataframe that the BLF use is to big and since i have a few switch in the middle it could get lost… they says that a solution for this problem will be to set a Eventlist BLF instead of the BLF because the eventlist works different, i was reading the documentation in grandstream but it is more focuses on a solution if you use a grandstream PBX, i know that asterisk support eventlist BLF, is there someone that have setup the eventlist BLF in asterisk???

i’m using PIAF, asterisk 1.4 with this client.

Any help will be really appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Asterisk does not support eventlist. You are also using a very old version of Asterisk.

Make sure all your switchports are in full duplex and that you don’t have any spanning tree issues. If the root bridge election is flopping you could get all sorts of ARP convergence issues that would cause the kind of problems you are describing.

Distributed switches are not a problem. I hope you are using managed switches. If you are have you ever looked at “port groups” to bond Ethernet channels together?

Lastly make sure you have not created a logical loop by connecting one device back into another. This would also make spanning tree go nuts.

Thank SkykyngOH,

i have * 1.4 and PIAF so far this asterisk has been working for me just Perfect, i think the issue here has to be relate it to the nework, another think that i notice is that the old IT use some cat3 cables for data, looks like he was using the old wiring since this office is a nightmare to run cable i guest that he decide to use the same cables, i think if the problem persist (Because is sporadic, when i restart asterisk start working fine) we will have to run new cables and use a lot o molding to hide the cables.

I think that one of this phone connected to those cat3 lines are making the lines half duplex, and i dont thin that the GXP phones has an option to force them as full duplex

they don’t have manage switch also just standard fast Ethernet switch.