Problem whit dialparties.agi Multiple processes in the server make use all resources

asterisk version: Asterisk
FreePBX version:
Extensions: 170
Call Active; 70-125
Recording ALL Calls

Inbound Route (DID)
16 Ring Groups

O.S. : Centos 5.0 Final Release
Memory: 6G
Processor: 2 Intel Cuad Core 1.7 GHrz.
Trunk Whit Cisco All calls VoIP, g711u, SIP.

Problem; I have not been able to determine the cause, not happening every day, but when it passes the process dialparties.agi, doubles 30 or 40 times using all Process and the quality deteriorates, after reboot de system works egain.

Note. The operation System never use all memory, only processors and the Process never is up off 30% but use all Core.

Thanks a lot for read this post!!


dialparties.agi in freepbx is a php application. Because of that it flows through your system wide php envorinment. The issue could be anything in that environment. Since it’s intermittent, I’d take a look at things like name resolution – maybe the dns server you’re using occasionally hiccups. If that’s the case, use a local caching dns server.

Really think hard about things you changed from default.

I had an issue with dialparties.agi taking forever to initialize and causing calls to drop. After a lot of investigation, I figured out it was because I had enabled wins name resolution on the box. Simply moving wins to the end of the line in nsswitch.conf fixed it. Just some food for thought.