Problem using with several trunks from the same provider - all calls actually come from one trunk

I use with freepbx 16.
I have a trunk supplier that I can open sub-users there.
I want to use this with a separate trunk for each expansion.
My goal is to limit the minutes of outgoing calls to any extension.
I set each extension to use with its trunk, in Log Asterisk I see that it works, each extension activates its trunk.
But in practice all calls come from the first trunk only.
Each trunk has a different account, but in practice everything comes from one account.
what can be done?

All suggestions assume you are using chan_pjsip.

You could try the line= option.

You could try defining separate transports, each with a different local port number.

You could just live with it and rely on the dialplan to route by request URI user (what FreePBX calls the DID).

First, the line option helps if you have multiple trunks.

It depends on how the trunk works, but if your documents indicate that your trunk expects you to obey what is written in RFC 6140, then you are out of luck. If your documents somewhere mention the bnc parameter (multiple URIs related) for the contact headers, than that is likely the case.

how are your outbound routes configured?

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