Problem using: system recordings (uploading a .WAV file)

This was never a concern …
Using SangomaOS (built from .ISO)

When I try to use the system recording module …
ADD a new recording (.WAV file) (used many times on many PBX’s)

SangomaOS starts to finish (by showing) a sub pop-up dialog box saying something like:

“processing .WAV”

Then it stops and says something like there was an error.

This is doing the same thing with the uploading of a .WAV for MOH.

Thanks for any tips.

What version of FreePBX and what module version?

SangomaOS version: 12.7.8-2208-2.sng7
from /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

Recordings module: 16.0.11

All modules updated today (1 hour ago)

What does it actually say? Might give a clue to the problem.

Attempted to repro this with recordings module ver. 16.0.11 and it’s working for me. I wonder if the wav file you’re attempting to upload is bad. There may be something logged in /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log when the error happens.

.wav != .WAV; see

1st dialog box says:
Processing custom/Access-Code for en in format wav

(you see this 1st and after this: the upload just works)

2nd dialog box says:
There was an error. See the console for more details

This is the 2nd pop-up we get after the attempted upload

Hi Lorne:

Thank you for the log watching tip

using tail -f var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log
This is the entry which comes up during the attempted upload

[2022-11-16 17:30:20] [freepbx.INFO]: [NOTIFICATION]-[FRAMEWORK]-[UNSUPPORTED_SLN48] - The file format sln48 is not supported on your system (The file format sln48 is not supported by Asterisk when it should be. Audio conversion quality will be limited to 16k instead of 48k. This is probably the result of the missing Asterisk resample package)

Note: using this same .WAV on another PBX is working, and I’ve used the .WAV for a long time on a few boxes over the years.

Are the asterisk versions different between the two systems? Do you get a different result when you do core show codecs from the asterisk console?

Working box (takes the new system recording upload)
Asterisk 18.13.0

Non-Working box (fails on the upload of the .WAV file)
Asterisk 18.13.0

These (2) boxes were built around the same time (maybe 2 months back or so)

I like using that tail -f command: will do this in the days ahead before posting.

I know things like this can be cumbersome to try to fix, so thanks for any tips.

Not sure if it’s entirely related but I am actually running into problems too, since yesterday, when trying to make custom sounds in System Recordings. I am not seeing anything in the freepbx.log file or any other log files at the same time, so not sure what’s going on. Where should be checked when it says “see the console for more details?” I’ve looked around the GUI in the Asterisk Logfiles section, but nothing seems to come up.

I converted text to speech using a TTS converter online. Then I downloaded it (it comes as an MP3) and converted to wav using Audacity. It has worked perfectly before but now it’s failing:


If you can SSH into your PBX, use this command

tail -f /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log

Then, use the UI to try again, and you’ll see the error pop up on your tail -f command.

or, check them out manually by changing to:

cd /var/log/asterisk

Thanks for putting up the screen SHOT showing the console error because I did not realize we can put images in our posts: never thought of it.

Hmm, when doing the tail function, all I’m getting is this (and not sure if it’s picking up me trying to do the system recording, because it doesn’t pop up with anything until 10-15 seconds after it says there was an error):

I didn’t see anything in /var/log/asterisk that seemed to show anything relevant. I opened the directory in WinSCP and sorted by date modified. The fail2ban, freepbx.log, and full were the only ones changed around that time, but I see nothing in them related to the recordings or any errors there. Only things I see in full are these from that time (and I get these same messages a lot, so not related I’d imagine):

Is your PBX the same as the ones I have?

cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

From Asterisk -r
core show version

Here’s what mine’s at. I haven’t updated to 18 yet.

We are both using: 12.7.8-2208-2.sng7

But not the same version of Asterisk.

We should know more soon.

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