Problem on make config


I have to install FreePBX on some kind of VPS or “CloudServer”, that server has CentOS 6.9, I have noted some particularities, but I can’t do nothing about it, is the server that have been provided, so I have followed the installation guide on, first on a virtual box with CentOS 6.9 minimal ISO installed and I succeded to install every thing, then I try it on the VPS, but I got stuck on ‘make config’:

contrib/scripts/install_prereq install
this command fail to install uw-imap-devel.and hoard, both on VPS or VirtualBox, I’ve try to find a lot of packages but, finally I omit them
./configure --libdir=/usr/lib64
Succeded on VirtualBox fail on VPS with error: svn: PROPFIND of ‘/svn/thirdparty/mp3/trunk’: Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer (
make menuselect
Both Succeded
Both Succeded
make install
Both Succeded
make config
Succeded on VirtualBox failded on VPS with error: /bin/sh: /etc/os-release: No such file or directory
Succeded on VirtualBox, not tried on VPS

So I have two errors, I can live without MP3 but not without make config.

It seems like if the /etc/redhat-release wasn’t present, but it is and is correct.

Anybody have any idea of what could be or what could be done?