Problem Music on Hold with Vmware


I’ve got a problem with asterisknow. I wanted import my physical server on vmware, all is ok with asterisk, except music on hold that is jerky (when there is 1 or 2 telephone, no problem. with 40 telephone, problem is appeared)
I suppose it’s a problem of configuration of a device with vmware, but I find nothing about this classic problem with vmware ans asterisk.

Can you help me ?


1…We have repeatedly mentioned that we do not advise running in a vm because of timing
2…You are running Asterisknow, not even our distro, how is this a FreePbX issue
3…You gave no version information on your Asterisk or FreePBX
4…No description of vmware environment provided

Things are changing with newer versions of Asterisk, however this is a complicated issue.

This all comes back to why I tell people not to use virtual setup for FreePBX. MoH still relies on proper dahdi timing I dont care what anyone else says. I see this every month with people calling into support.

We use Asterisknow 1.7 with freepbx FreePBX
Asterisk 1.4
Vmware Esxi 4.1

ok, if I understand, it’s not recommanded to use vmware with asterisk ?

Remember that Tony, nor I nor anyone with the FreePBX speaks for Asterisk. All I can say is in our operational experience we do not suggest running in a virtual environment.

Every time we say this a few folks come out of the wood work and tell us how successful they have been. If it works in your environment that’s great but you better know how to manage it.

Since you are running an unsupported out of date version of Asterisk and an end of life version of FreePBX on the the distro with the worst record of keeping up to date I have to form the opinion that you are looking for a “plug and play” solution. That’s not going to happen in a virtual environment.

Maybe wait for Asterisk 11, I believe they have promised to remove the last Dahdi timing requirements in MOH and conferencing and let the kernel do it all.

FWIW I find that VirtualBox works better than the VMWare offerings which I DO use (VBox) for my “Demos” I agree with everyone else though that virtualizations less than a real hardware Xen type one will keep burning fingers.