Problem Installing FreePBX 14 to a Supermicro motherboard

Hi, I’m trying to install the latest FreePBX to Supermicro motherboard X11SAT-F-0. This machine has 2 raid mirrored SSDs. I get the following error:

Disk "" given in clearpart command does not exist.
Pane is dead

I’m uploading an image of it:

Go to the shell (option 2 in your screenshot) and get the logs that are requested in bullet point 4 of the initial message

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and make sure the raid option is disabled in the bios


@dicko… I think the raid option is already disabled. Sata is set as AHCI.

@tm1000… Here’s a screenshot dump of the other options there. If this isn’t what you’re asking for, let me know how to get those logs.

It’ll be because your machine is reporting those disks as Removable. Just use Advanced installation and pick the disks yourself.


@xrobau… It worked. Thanks!

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