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Problem Installing FreePBX 14 to a Supermicro motherboard

(Eyzi) #1

Hi, I’m trying to install the latest FreePBX to Supermicro motherboard X11SAT-F-0. This machine has 2 raid mirrored SSDs. I get the following error:

Disk "" given in clearpart command does not exist.
Pane is dead

I’m uploading an image of it:

(Andrew Nagy) #2

Go to the shell (option 2 in your screenshot) and get the logs that are requested in bullet point 4 of the initial message


and make sure the raid option is disabled in the bios

(Eyzi) #4

@dicko… I think the raid option is already disabled. Sata is set as AHCI.

@tm1000… Here’s a screenshot dump of the other options there. If this isn’t what you’re asking for, let me know how to get those logs.

(Eyzi) #5

(Eyzi) #6

(Eyzi) #7

(Rob Thomas) #8

It’ll be because your machine is reporting those disks as Removable. Just use Advanced installation and pick the disks yourself.

(Eyzi) #9

@xrobau… It worked. Thanks!

(system) #10

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