Problem in the IVR page

the IVR page was working fine, suddnley i try to add new IVRs and delete the old ones, but there is no response…after i add new ones and pressing “submit and apply changes” i couldn’t find the new one…and also the same after deleting the old ones and pressing “submit and apply all changes” they are still existed. (although i am sure that the files are correct because they are working fine on another box)

and in the inbound routes, in the destination options, i can’t find the new ones that i added.
So what’s the problem, is that because of PHP or because of the IVR module, if so how can i fix the PHP problem or how can i reinstall the IVR module.
or what’s the problem actually and what’s its solution.


Please provide some details of your environment? what version of FreePBX? asterisk? this a Distro build, if so who’s? IF hand built what and who’s guidelines? you install any third party modules? If so who’s and what version?

There are so many possible answers that it could be due to the lack of important details that we can’t guess. It could be a permissions issue, to you uploaded a old unsupported module that is now interfering, you hand built your system and didn’t do something that at one time was ok but now it important that it should have been done, etc…

For all we know you are using a old copy of @home.