Problem in my IVR

dear all ,

I’m Facing a problem i have hotline working over the trixbox system when i call this hotline from land line or cellphone i can’t reach what i want for ex

i have a land line and i dialled the hotline number then i hear the IVR mesg then i press the button to go to support i hear the music hold for while then i hear disconnect tone and the phone hung up when i trace the problem at the and try to call the hotline again i found that while i’m hearing the music hold
this mesg appers on the trixbox and i check on system the Asterisk uptime and it was up for 2 hours

recordingcheck20090103-142958:1230985798.3: no ampuser db entry for 502313604 not recording

after this mesg appers the phone hung up

so please anyone can help me with this problem