Problem in creating Extension No

Hi friends,

I am installing freepbx and asterisk in my office envoirment . i m newbie to asterisk and freepbx. There are some issues which i m facing they are listed below;

  1. I am not using any kind of digium card i m using ztdummy for it.
  2. When i am trying to call a extension number created in freepbx… the sip phone gets connected immediately to the call and the voice played is the number you are calling doesnot exit and i have created that …

Could some one help me … I m using XLITE SIP phone for this purpose i want to create extensions , confrencing and call forwarding facility. please guide me through the process i will be really very thankful

I think the extension number in FreePBX becomes the username in the softphone, and the freepbx ‘secret’ is the softphone password.

Set up like that & you should be able to dial from extension to extension.