Problem FreePBX

Dear’s, Hello everyone.

I’ve been having an error on my freePBX that all the services stop (including the services of telephony/Phone/SIP) anytime.
Our team put in a monitor on the servidor and displayed the message below.
Follow the image link: Screenshot by Lightshot
Is there anything that i can make to resolve this problem?
thanks in advance!

It looks like you’re running out of memory. I would suggest upgrading how much RAM your machine has?

Or a potential memory leak

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Dear Jeremy, good morning.

Our Team looked in the HD of the Servidor and Is ok, is there any command that i can use to see informations of my RAM? Or any command to see potential memory leak?


Murilo Daud

When is the last time the PBX was rebooted?

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Today, 10h00.

We have to reboot the PBX every time to have all the services normalized.

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