Problem disabling SSLCipherSuite deprecated (3DES, Sweet32, ecc...)

Hi. On FreePBX Distro 15.0.23 i’ve problem trying to customize Apache


I need to customize SSLCipherSuite string but this file is customized by Sysadmin Module (section HTTPS setup) that overwrite my mods.
For SSLProtocol in FPBX15 gui there is a “Custom Protocol” box for customizing the section. But nothing for SSLCipherSuite…
Any suggestion different from scripting something that periodically go to customize this file?
Thanks in advance.

A very recent version of sysadmin adds a GUI option for cipher suite control, are you seeing this in https setup?

When you disable weaker ciphers, it adds a ! character ahead of select ciphers in ssl.conf.

We have the latest stable Sysadmi module for FreePBX 15 but i cannot see that very useful option… Wich version are you talking about?? I’ve 15.0.25 installed.

Ok Igaetz. Found the option you’re talking about in an EDGE version of Sysadmin :
Many thanks.

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