Problem creating users

We have several employees with hyphenated Names. I can not create or modify a name to allow this. Am I missing something simple here? More importantly how do I work around this…

FYI: editing the voicemail.conf and changing it in the mysql users table does not fix it either (even after a asterisk reload command). it is stored and checked against something else as those changes keep getting reverted.

Ok I found how to fix it. What a pain.

Here is the exact location of where I found this problem. using 2.01 from [email protected] enter the extension module, select SIP protocol. enter the users name in the "Display Name: field and it refuses to accept name with Hyphens Even though I’ve found several locations that say it is allowed.

To fix I needed to edit the following:
then run a pair of mysql update commands on the asterisk.users and asterisk.devices table to change the name/description.

if you think it is a bug (too restrictive or otherwise) please open a ticket and include any details of what you did to fix it (including a patch file if appropriate).