Problem configuring High Availability

I started to set up the master node in a cluster and got to the “Migrate Apache to Cluster Service” step. It stuck there, saying “Apache down. Waiting for it to restart”; I was still able to open a new tab and browse to the PBX, and service httpd status shows it’s up. Clicking High Availability under settings now says that the feature is unlicensed. Can’t check the license as it suggests since it now appears the whole system is unlicensed. I think the licensing problem is a result of having more than one NIC or something in the system (although that seems really odd), but I’m not sure.

Anyone have any ideas?

Do you have both systems licensed? What does SysAdmin> License show you?

Yes, the system was licensed up until I configured HA. The slave system has not been turned on yet. Here’s the contents of sysadmin>license:

Would you like to register this deployment now?
Do you have a Deployment ID that is not tied to another Hardware System?
PBX Deployment ID:
Zend status: Available
Register Deployment:

Okay, think we know what’s going on, please go to the portal, click on SUPPORT, and open a “commercial module” support ticket for your primary HA system, and one of our techs can get in and take a look for you.

I did that prior to posting here, no response yet. Ticket number is 231343.

Haven’t heard from anyone yet; I need this system licensed at least so I can work on the rest of it; any idea what the ETA is for a response?