Problem 'Cannot connect Asterisk ' after 'restore' or 'move' VPS


I am having a problem which makes me wonder if I am missing something.
After a SSD crash in my server, I had to restore a VPS in KVM with my FreePBX 16 Distro.
Now if I start the VPS, it cannot connect to Asteris.

A have looked for manager.con and all related, but that is not it.
Ik seems that the VPS or FreepbxDistro is noticing that there is something changed in the hardware and this leads to this problem.

tail -f /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log > Connection attempt to AMI failed [] []

What I did so far

  • Killed processes asterisk and stopped fwcopnsole an all processes. and started fwconsole
  • started/stoped asterisk by hand with ‘systemctl stop asterisk’
  • chown files
  • Restored FreePBX backup in CLI
  • so much more.

Some has any ideas ?
So many thanks for any help.

[RESOLVED] FreePBX cannot connect to Asterisk via AMI - FreePBX - FreePBX Community Forums

Not sure, but maybe a user/password issue.

Thank you Comtech,

I wish it was username and password, than I can solve it.
It is something else. I will find the problem, if it is my end :wink:
I am trying install without LVM, Single partitions, Removing disc UUID, rebuilding Grub2 adjusting fstab and so on …
I like to be Free :wink:
Many thaks for you answer/

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