Проблема: повторный вызов на оператора, который уже разговаривает (Problem: another call to an operator who is already talking)

Схема прохождения вызова: 1) приветствие 2) ivr 3) группа вызова 4) несколько приветствий 5) очередь
Чаще всего проблема возникает, когда оператор, участвующий в группе вызова, подключается в очередь как динамический агент.
В логах системы фиксируется пропущенный вызов на этого оператора и в тот же момент времени отвеченный вызов с тем же Caller ID другим оператором.
Пока нет понимания почему вызов пытается соединиться с занятым оператором.

The scheme of passing the call: 1) greeting 2) ivr 3) ring group 4) multiple greetings 5) queue
Most often, the problem occurs when an operator participating in a call group is connected to the queue as a dynamic agent.
The system logs record a missed call to this operator and an answered call with the same Caller ID by another operator at the same time.
There is no understanding yet why the call is trying to connect to a busy operator.

Confirm that call waiting is not enabled for the extension in question. If the dynamic agent is on an external number, the system doesn’t know it’s in use and will attempt calling it before advancing to the next agent.

Hi, Stewart1! Thank you for your time to reply
I confirm that call waiting is not enabled for all extension numbers.
You can explain in more detail “system doesn’t know it’s in use”?
I assumed that the system knows who is free before attempt calling to the operator

For the queue in question, take a look at the options for Skip Busy Agents (mouse over the question mark). If you have this set as desired but the system isn’t following the rules correctly, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here. If you are too new to post links, just post the last 8 hex characters of the URL.

But here’s another problem I have. For FreePBX 15.0.29 I do not know where to store the call logs. If you look in the /var/log/asterisk/ folder, there are only system and queue messages. From the web interface can do only in the form of pictures, it will be enough?

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