Problem adding extension

Hi guys.
I’m having problem adding a specefic extension in freepbx (asterisk 1.4.22)

I cannot add extension 44. ( i can add 55, 66, 45, 42, everything but 44).

I fill out all the fields, click submit and the ext. is not there.

Tried to reboot asterisk but no luck. Anyone with simlar problems?


I’ve noticed no record is put in the database.
If I manually add extension in database (table users), then it shows up…but with no options.

I’ve got it…there was a queue 44.

Dumb mistake.

Maybe somebody can learn from my mistakes :slight_smile:

you should not use 2 digit extens use 4 or more

Why? I’m using it for ages

Because feature codes are 2 digit; it is just a “best pactice” thing.


There is absolutely no reason you can’t have 2 digit extensions if you want - FreePBX is far more flexible than you give it credit. Feature codes always start with a * so there is no conflict between a *nn code and a nn extension.

(Hint: When someone says they’ve been doing something for ages it’s probably not a good idea to tell them they can’t/shouldn’t do that unless you can point to some specific documentation to back up your assertion. And if you can do that in this case I’ll retract my comments, but I just hate seeing bad/wrong information being put out there; there is far too much of that already!)