Problem accessing voicemail from DP715 cordless phone

I can’t quite figure out why this is happening, but maybe someone here might have an idea.

Just set up voicemail for my home FreePBX system. The mail system itself is working fine, but I can’t access the voicemail box for my DP715 from the phone itself. I can access it just fine from my GXP2100, so I know the system is handling the mail correctly.

The problem seems to be that FreePBX/asterisk doesn’t recognize keys sent by this phone after the connection to the system has been established. I can dial *98, but then when I enter the mailbox number, the system just asks for the mailbox number again and again as though no number was entered. I can dial *97 and the same thing happens when I try to enter the password. So I went into dialplan and added the “,s” parameter to the *97 dialplan so that I wouldn’t need to enter the password. That worked great for getting into the mailbox, but then of course I hit the mailbox menu and needed to press “1” to listen to the voicemails that have been left. You guessed it, when I press “1” nothing happens, as though I never pressed anything.

Has anyone come across a problem like this before who can suggest a setting somewhere that might cause this behavior? I’ve been hunting, but I’m at a loss.


Presumably incorrect DTMF settings between the phone and your Asterisk box.

Thanks, that was just what I needed. It’s working fine now.