Private Messaging

Though the updated website looks great, for whatever reason since the update I can no longer access my stores private messages, nor can I send any new messages to anyone.

I know I am not the only one that ended up with this issue, as I recall mention of this in another posting. Can anyone look into this issue, or give me a pointer on how I can re-enable the messaging service for my account??

I’ve got the same issue.

Okay I just modified the permissions to enable private messages, check it and let me know if it works for you.

Yes, now next to My Account, I see an option for Messages.

So whatever you did worked for me, many thanks…

Hello Preston / Schmooze.
I also don’t have the messaging capability, and I have been advised I have a PM waiting from one of the threads I am contributing to.
Can you please enable private messaging for me as well.

Thanks in advance

Okay, I think I have Private Message enabled for all user types now, as well as the ability to edit ones own content, let me know if you continue to have issues.

Thanks mate, appreciate it - all working now.

Sorry for hijacking this thread but I do not have any other way to post my problem.

For some reason I am unable to create new posts on the forum. I can contribute to existing post.

When I try to create a new post I get the message “The answer to the CAPTCHA is incorrect.” When I select the CAPTCHA the image is placed in the right spot and the background turn green. It just won’t accept the CAPTCHA.

I have tried different computers and browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.