PRI lines and 911 address

We are a small school district running a freepbx server. We have a PRI from our local phone company. If a 911 call is made, is it the reponsibility of the phone company to send out the location of the call or at least the location of the dmark of the PRI line?

It is a PRI so they will send the location registered/associated with the DID used as callerid.

That’s what I assumed. The last time we had a 911 call made, we went to a regional 911 call center and they acted like they had no idea where the call was coming from. This is from a centurylink PRI line, who is now Brightspeed. I guess I’m looking for some proper verbage to see if Brightspeed has things properly setup on their side. Seems to me as though something isn’t quite kosher.

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