PRI from Telco to SIP trunk to Free PBX

I’m new to the site and not sure where to post. Any advice is appreciated. I’m a well versed “phone guy”, not so well versed IT guy, and diving into SIP, so please excuse my ignorance.

I have a rather unique situation. Campus environment with some more remote sites, already over-subscribing PRI’s (to multiple PBX and channel bank) via Adtran Atlas 830. Currently utilize “leased P2P T-1” to feed remote sites. I need (advise/what gear) to feed SIP trunk to FreePBX across LAN that will have a PRI fed by Adtran Atlas. The FreePBX resides on a server in separate building from the PRI’s and Adtran gear, so I can’t just plug them together. I also want to find/test a possible solution to replace the P2P T-1 down the road.

I have and use an Adtran Total Access 908e. It works OK, but seems to “not like” certain equipment (linksys SPA), and seemed limited to certain types/protocols etc. when setting up the SIP trunk. I never got a SIP trunk to function properly from 908e to the Linksys SPA (with Adtran support), but the Linksys worked fine to several SIP providers.

Bottom-line, what’s a good place to look for a PRI to SIP conversion? While I’m wishing, I want something that’s compatible with FreePBX/Asterisk, reliable, easy to install, and most of all inexpensive? I know, **** in one hand and wish in the other.


I believe RAD communications has a product that will convert PRI to TCP/IP and back again. I’ve used RAD products and have found the company very helpful. Give them a call and explain your situation. Their website is WWW.RAD.COM.

In my opinion there is only one way to do this properly, a Cisco multi-service router with a PRI card. It is completely bulletproof and will do exactly what you want.

If you are already a Cisco shop you may find that the IT folks have a router that will do the job and you just need to pickup a PRI card. I just bought a 2811 on eBay for $200, the price on this stuff is obscenely inexpensive considering what you are getting.

Thanks for the Info! I’ll check out RAD, and I’ve already sent this message to my Cisco guru.

If the boxes are in the same network you could use dahdi TDMoE (dynamic ethernet ) with no other hardware needed. But it is a layer 2 protocol.

Also have a look at the Sangoma Vegastream boxes. They can connect multiple ISDN’s to a SIP trunk.