PRI DID Call to extension on another asterisk box

Hello, I’m sorry if this is covered elsewhere, if so, please point me at it.

I have two asterisk servers, server1 has a PRI working, server2 is pure voip. I have the two servers talking as per the instructions at:
So, from server1 or server2, I can dial an extension on the other server and it rings just fine.

The next thing I want to do is be able to dial a DID on server1 and have it ring an extension on server2.

I don’t see a way to do this via FreePBX, so I tried to edit the extension_custom.conf and add something like:

;;; Testing DID to server2 transfer
exten => 9993,1,Dial(IAX2/server2@server1/102)
exten => 9993,n,Hangup

But it doesn’t work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

similar setup here: two boxes (in different countries), each with a couple of BRI Interfaces, connected via SIP Trunk

To be able to dial extensions on server2 from server1, I added an outbound route for the sip trunk with a dial rule that specifies all the extensions on server2. Route is marked as intra-company so I don’t loose the CID Information. context for the trunk is specified as “from-internal” to get acces to all extensions defined at the server2

To make these extensions on server2 reachable wia DID form pstn I added something to extensions_custom.conf:

include => outrt-002-asterisk_berlin

You’ll have to check you extensions_additional to find the name generated for this route on your system; also be careful when reordering routes - name can change!.

Bye, Martin