PRI Card --- With or Without Hardware Echo Cancellation?

Thus far all IP PBX’s I’ve built have used Sip trunking and/or 1FB lines. I’ve installed a Pri on a couple nortel systems, but never on an asterisk Server.

So I humbly ask for expertise, advice, opinions…

Sangoma or Digium?

With or Without Hardware Echo Cancellation?

Box will be a Dell R310 with Xeon 2.8 12GB of Ram running the latest 2.10 64bit distro.

PRI provided by AT&T in the southeastern US

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I have always had good luck with Sangoma cards on both the PRI and analog side. In my opinion you can never go wrong with Hardware Echo Cancellation.

Sangoma and/or Digium would be IDEAL.

Both are such home run products, and the support team for both is just as good.
Stick with one of these two OEMs for sure.

HEC is an option for some cards, and generally less expensive when bought with the card at the same time.

Good Luck.

Another alternative you have is to do the Echo Cancellation in software. It uses some of your CPU but in return it is usually more flexible in adapting to difficult scenarios.

Ok… Thanks for the answers.

Looks like a Sangoma A101DE it is… now to figure out how to set it up… any good best practice reading for configuring a new T1 card with freepbx?

Also you can but the Sangoma Cards from the FreePBX Store and we have the distro all setup with a script. Simply just type setup-sangoma and 10 seconds later after answering a few questions the card is setup and working for you.

Tony I’m glad you pointed that out. I was about to order elsewhere… Only a few more dollars than some other vendors, but I’d rather my $ support the community. I actually think I’ll order the B601DE Hybrid Card. Wouldn’t hurt to be able to support a POTS line and analog device.