PRI Call Setup

Hey FreePBX Experts.

I have a FreeBPX system version on Asterisk 11.14.2 with a Sangoma single port PRI card (A101). Things are working, calls are routing etc, but I have a questions on calls. The PRI is limited to 4 channels with a number of DID’s bound to the PRI as far as I can tell from the vendor.

My question is, while the PRI is working do I need to set up each DID? They requested that I change the trunk for Group 0 to Descending to get the last number first for outbound calls, but I am still unsure if I will be able to place multiple calls across this PRI.

Thanks for any help!

It should do precisely what you asked about. The channels in the PRI will be used in “inverse” order. On inbound calls to that DID, the DID for that number will ring busy, which is to be expected, since the rollover will be exhausted.

I’m probably asking the question way more complex then it needs to be… :slight_smile:

I guess what I’m asking is do I need to setup anything besides the first DID in the route or do I need to setup ALL the DID’s somewhere… does that make sense? Sorry!

Thanks for help and reply…


On a PRI, call build-up and tear-done is done in the D-channel, so the only advantage of using G0 rather than g0 is for call analysis, calls will flow either way as long as you have an unused channel and as often as needed on the same DID.

As to inbound routes , “it depends” extensions.conf has a [from-did-direct] context if you have a one to one map of DID to internal endpoint (extension, IVR, whatever) it saves time, if that wont work, then a Inbound route for each DID will be required.

OK so I have a IVR that all calls route to, no direct DID to extension. If I understand then I would use the setting in the extension, or create a inbound route for each possible DID within the group. Outbound is outbound and I do not need to do much there…

I believe there are only 4 DID’s so creating inbound routes may be easier… :slight_smile:



If all calls go to the same destination then the “catch-all inbound route” is right for you, just follow the pop-up help

will do… again thank you!!!