Prevent callers from dialing *ext in IVR

Is there a way I can prevent callers from dialing *ext when in an IVR? I don’t want them to be able to go straight to an extensions voicemail. This is on Asterisk 11.

Is “Direct Dial: Disabled” not working?

To clarify, users can dial extension to extension and they can also dial extension to voicemail by prepending a * to the extension (*ext) and this is just fine.

However, outside callers can also dial the *ext as well as just an ext from an IVR and that is NOT fine. We are ok with them just dialing an ext from the IVR but employees are being “sneaky” by using this feature to go straight to their manager’s voicemail when calling in sick by calling the main number and dialing * in front of their ext.

We already have * in the IVR as a different option but if you dial quickly that is bypassed.

Any help is appreciated.


Each of your IVR has a basic start context like

[ivr-35] ; Your text description
include => ivr-35-custom

For those IVR that are susceptible to employee spoofing, I would suggest you add a custom context


that subverts their attempted subversion

exten => *.,1,PlayBack(custom/consider_yourself_reported_you_POS_soon_to_be_ex_employee)

season to taste.

You could just disable the * as a voicemail prefix at the feature codes. I can´t think of a reason why someone would want to call straight to vm

Transferring straight to vm is common and to do that you need to be able to dial *ext

Dicko thanks I will look into a custom context but I was hoping I could do it with the freepbx gui. Any other suggestions are welcome.

I have users who do this a lot.

Ex. Someone wants to transfer a call to someones voicemail rather than the caller go through the extensions follow me and doesn’t have to wait 20 rings.