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When set the IVR to press 0 to go to busy status voicemail, the IVR says Invalid responses up to 2 times (set in the IVR). But I have set 0# to go to a general voicemail box immediately. It doesn’t do that. How does this work and why it doesn’t seem to act as I’d expect it?

In any IVR, pressing 0 at the initial greeting send you to a receptionist. Since I don’t have a live person, I want it to go a voicemail.

If I recall correctly, by default pressing 0 goes to the timeout destination.

Can you post a screenshot of your IVR config?

As per your request.

That statement is incorrect. Any IVR that lets you hit 0 and takes you to X destination is programmed into the IVR. It’s not just a default IVR thing because IVRs have no destination options when first built.

Well first, you don’t have an option for 0 in your IVR config. That’s a problem since they’ll only go to the voicemail if they hit an invalid entry twice and probably the same if they timeout twice (your screenshot doesn’t have all the options shown).

Also, there is no need to put # in the option. That is a default IVR thing, hitting # will send digits immediately, you don’t need them in the option.

As Tom said, you gotta have a 0 entry

0 added. thank you all for your tips.

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