Presence with Bria softphone on FreePBX 11

We recently replaced all of our eyeBeam clients with Bria 4 clients. eyeBeam was causing problems and crashing. We love everything about Bria 4 except we can’t seem to get presence to work with it. I’ve installed the Presence State module in FreePBX and each extension is set to Use State for Queue State Detection. Regardless, every client shows as available regardless of there presence state.

This is causing issues for us. Our incoming calls go into a queue, then enter a ring group where all of our customer service agents are tried with a ringall ring strategy. When our customer service agents go into DnD, Asterisk keeps sending them INVITEs every 5 seconds which get entered into the call history as a missed call. Presence doesn’t seem to be working at all. Monitoring extensions using Bria 4 shows no change in presence state when switched.

As you can imagine, the call history fills up to around 4 thousand missed calls per agent and starts crashing Bria 4. I dont know if this is a Bria problem or a FreePBX problem. Any insight someone could give would be extremely appreciated.