Presence support in softphone

I recently installed FreePBX (version and Asterisk I’m trying to find a softphone with presence support. I would like to see when other (local) phones are in use, idle or DND is active.

I have tried Zoiper Communicator (free version so far). In the SIP configuration, there is a field for “Presence id”. If I enter an extension number, the presence icon turns green. But it stays green no matter if the phone is idle or busy. If I enter an invalid extension number, the icon goes grey. So it looks like Zoiper does get some info from somewhere…

Has anybody gotten the Zoiper presence display working? Or is there another softphone with working presence support?

I’m currently running FreePBX in device and user mode, if that is part of the problem.

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Mikkel C. Simonsen

If you can find a copy the SNOM softphone has DSS/BLF function.

You can also use the FOP for this information that is included with FreePBX (ip.address/panel) You can make custom views with smaller buttons also (

I never knew there was a SNOM softphone, but I’ll look it up.

FOP displays phones rather than users, so it’s not very useful (the users don’t always use the same phone). “Asterisk Presence Panel” ( appears to work, but the users insist on having the phone and panel in one…

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Mikkel C. Simonsen

Did you ever find a softphone with BLF support?


Yes, Bria:

The latest version doesn’t work well (I don’t remember the problem), but the slightly older version in use works well.


SNOM also has a softphone with BLF