PrePurchase questions about the Commercial CRM

Have interest in purchasing the CRM Module, but the documentation is pretty thin.
Cannot purchase a product that I don’t know if it can provide something usable, so hopefully someone with experience with this module can answer some questions.

Using the RestAPI, all of the polling tools work great, but while I can create/edit/delete and list webhooks, they do not appear to be firing. Do they work while in trial mode? Are there additional configurations needed, other than what is outlined in the CRM section of the wiki?

Are there sample data sets available for the webhooks? What kind of data do they provide; is it the same data as polling returns? Is it possible to configure/change the data set?

Thanks in advance.


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I would think that you would call sales.


If, after talking to Sales, you have specific questions, we might be able to help you, but remember two things:

  1. We’re all users here, so we don’t have any more insight into the commercial modules than you do.
  2. What is failing in the module and what CRM system are you trying to interface with?

I did call sales and the gentleman who answered my call from X2 was unable to provide any information and referred me here and the Customer Support portal.



I was kinda hoping that someone had purchased the CRM module and could provide some insight. I am simply using curl for the RESTAPI to evaluate the cababilities of the module to determine if it is something we are interested in purchasing…

All the polling functions work as expected. Evaluation done. I am able to create/drop/edit/list webhooks; simple enough. Unfortunately, I am not seeing them fire when calls are placed or taken, nor are forum/google/SO searches showing anything helpful… Was hoping to at least see what data the webhooks were sending. So, I was hoping that someone had had success with these and could provide some sample data. RTFM took about 30 seconds…


@lgaetz (IRC) answered a webhooks question the other day, so I’m pretty sure there is some support here. The problem was a capital B instead of a lower case B on the webhook call, as I recall, but that guy showed us what he was trying to do so we could help.

On the other hand, until ask a specific question, I’m pretty sure you’re going to just keep getting vague non-answers. For example, show us what

means and what it isn’t doing for you and we might be able to suggest what’s up. As it stands, all I’m able to figure out from your description is “I want this thing to do something and I don’t think it is…” We’re not mind readers - we have no idea what you’re doing and don’t know what you are expecting, so getting people to volunteer their time to help you is not exactly a good time investment for us.

So we’re clear - most of us really like to help, but our time is limited (since we all have other things to do) so you might need to narrow your scope so we can help you.

Ok, point taken.

I create a webhook using something like this.

curl -H “Token: REMOVED” https://REMOVED/admin/api/sangomacrm/rest/webhooks?url=

Then I verify it is in the system, and I see that it is.
Then I go to
There are about 20 users making outbound calls, a dozen or so since I have created the webhook. I have done the setup, such as there is, for the webhooks, and have it set for Start and End in the interface.
Hearing calls going out, I expect that when I refresh the page that is monitoring for the webhook, that I should see something; and I am not. Firewall guys are not seeing anything blocked on 80 or 443.

So, I was asking if someone had a sample data packet that the webhook was sending to see if it had information that was useful to me. I assume that it will work if I purchase it, but honestly, 2 days trying to make a simple webhook work is kinda got me on the edge of my frustration seat.

My expectation is that when an outbound call happens, some magic happens and captures some kind of data.


Just to confirm if you have licensed the 1 Month trial via the portal, this is a fully functioning license:

Also, I assume you have reviewed this CRM API wiki page?

Yes, still 2 weeks left on the 1 month trial and I have reviewed the documentation. As stated, from my perspective, everything is working and set up, but it appears no data is being pushed. I have data in the CRM tables beginning 2/19 and can poll using the endpoints.

One place you could look is in the /var/log/httpd/error_log (the specific name for your error log may be different) and make sure that there isn’t something in your call that’s jacking Apache up.

You can also check the access_log for the server and check to see if the call is getting processed through the webserver.

While I’ve never used this particular package (I will be as soon as the wife’s dog rescue is up and running), there’s some interesting magic in getting curl to process calls sometimes. Now that Preston’s on the call, I expect we’ll see something happen shortly.

We have checked all the “normal” places, no joy. Bought the module today and submitted a ticket. When we figure it out, I will post what we did to troubleshoot for the next person who has these issues.

Honestly, the polling endpoints are rock solid, but the webhooks are more efficient and realtime when we get it figured out…


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This is now fixed

sangomacrm v13.0.7
sangomacrm v14.0.2
sangomacrm v15.0.5

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The CRM API wiki page got an overhaul as well, with more detail on how to test your webhooks:

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