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Hi i have Phonerouter Called Fritzbox and a Raspberry Pi in my Network, so i so experiment first than i put FreePBX on a Virtual Server…

I am wrtiting a Custom Extentension…
My Idea, Fritzbox can route Phonecalls like 555XXXXXXX Use FreePBX Sip, 444 Use other Gatway…
So my idea i dial 555 111111call goes to FreePBX i will Cut the 555 and 111111 is the Extension to call on the display from target phone shuld show 555 222222 and to call Back
my idea on my old active asterisk was
exten => cutoff 555 and use the rest or the number if 555 found
Add 555 on CallerID to show the route and Number on Targetphone

so i will do this behind in an extentsions-custom part
Problem is FreePBX wont let me exit Extensions.conf … why when i go into WebPanel and do some changes … my changes is deletet…
so i want to to this ini the extensions-custom.conf and i will overide the settings in FreePBX
ty and maybe some have any ideas…


You can do number manipulation in outbound routes and trunks in the GUI. Should be no need for editing the files just to add/remove prefixes.

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In the US region, local calls through the local phone company are free within certain number ranges, (the first three digits of the local seven digit phone number), so we used to set up FreePBX so that calls to those numbers (e,g., 232XXXX) were routed to the local Exchange Carrier, and everything else was routed to our “cheap but not free” ITSP. You could easily set up the Outbound Route to process local calls like that without leaving the GUI.

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