Prefix for outbound dial routes or Trunks


I’ve just upgraded to FreePBX from Trixbox.

I downloaded the ISO from the website and the version is

My issue is that I need a bit of help in setting things up.

In Trixbox I used to be able to create a prefix on the outbound dial routes so that if I pressed 9 I would go through one route and if pressed #9 I would go through another.

The GUI in FreePBX has changed quite a bit and I don’t understand where to put these changes!!

I attempted to have them on the Trunks themselves on the “outbount Dial Prefix” portion but unforunately I am unable to access my SIP trunk when I dial out using that key combination.

Can anyone help me set this simple thing up??


There’s the prefix part in outbound routes, put it there…not in trunk level.

Do you mean under the “Dial Patterns”?

“Dial Patterns that will use this Route”

Where you would see a grey prefix, put it there, not at the trunk

That’s really weird as I have done that:

I put 9 in the “prefix” section of my PSTN route and all I get: “this call cannot be completed as dialed”


I also added #9 for the route that uses my SIP trunk and it just says “please try your call again later”…

I don’t get it??

Do I need to have a 9|. and #9|. as prefix?

Nope, just the number 9 and #9.

The routes also have priorities, higher the route in its position, gets executed first.

If still can’t just paste the log output, here.

Ok that’s very very odd!

I had to add with the |. at the end otherwise Asterisk didn’t like it ??

My PSTN line is still not working but then lsdahdi does come up with an alarm:

# lsdahdi
### Span  1: WCTDM/4 "Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F Board 5" (MASTER) 
  1 FXS        FXOKS       (In use) (EC: MG2 - ACTIVE)  
  2 FXO        FXSKS       (In use) (EC: MG2 - INACTIVE)  RED
  3 unknown    Reserved     
  4 unknown    Reserved

I actually do have an issue where an old POTs phone does work with it (probably as it has an internal “ring modulator”) - though there is a lot of noise on the line; my DECT phone doesn’t work and the PBX can be seen above.

I think the issue is that I have a 10meter cable plugged in and that’s acting like an antenna…

I’m trying to speak to VoipOn that sold me my OpenVox A400p card in the first place to sort it out so we’ll see what happens but it’s quite frustrating not to have landline phone.

Though that might be for another post as I think I’ve just “hi-jacked” my own thread :stuck_out_tongue: but still it is another issue…