Preferential agent in queue

There’s a way when a specific caller enters in a queue (or similar) to make ring a selected agent before the others?

Like to make always the same agent to answer to the specific caller.

Something like:

  • One main queue and a special queue for each agent. One agent per special queue.

  • Each special queue has the logic that overflows to the main queue if the special queue does not have the agent Not In Use/available.

  • Some custom (custom destination) programming that references a helper table at the inbound route, to route incoming callers to the correct special queue (if not found in the list, route to main queue). You could likely use the Asterisk Phonebook as your helper table using the number as the customer CID and the Phonebook name to house which queue you want to route too. This makes the helper table accessible via the GUI.

This is simplifying a very complex approach. You would likely need to address any reporting and CDR needs. It is a big project, but very possible to do.

QM has what we call “VIP callers” where basically you can associate a “preferential agent” (agent Affinity) to an incoming number - and that could be a “personal queue” that overflows to a generic queue if not answered in time.

It works with the free demo license or the hosted version as well, so you may want to try it - see VIP Callers | QueueMetrics Blog

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