Prefered Virtualization for FreePBX

I want to put FreePBX software on virtualization
what is the Best solution?
LXC / OpenVZ Container or full hypervisor like KVM?


We use FPBX on Ovirt (RHEVM based) and Hyper-V. we encountered some networking problems with the newer versions of Hyper-V (2016) otherwise the VM seems to perform very nicely.

Developer here…

I have machines on:

All work great with no modification

James, have you tested conferences on these virtualization platforms? We have one client with ongoing issues on conferences with participants to become irrecoverably muted during calls without pressing any keys. During several support incidents these were eventually blamed on Hyper-V. It would be extremely helpful to be able to use conferences at this location, even if it means a separate virtualization platform.

We’re using HyperV 2012 r2 for FreePBX (Distro) and works -perfectly-. I can failover any of the pbx’s between different cluster members live and nobody notices.

I am also running at one location the FreePBX Distro on Hyper-V (2012 R2 as well) with no issues. It seems a hardware based unit I had at another client sometimes was a little faster that could be based on many different issues. In any event it has never given me a problem. I use Veeam to back it up, and for instance tried the update to 14 which didn’t work so within about 10 minutes recovered an image from the previous night.

Looks like I am the only one using VMWare? I have FreePBX on 14 with close to 100 extensions, working well, not issues or special config

I’ve had no issues with vmware esxi, lets me backup and restore quickly, easy to deploy new servers for customers which is nice.