Predictive Dialer

Hello, Please i am new here and i am looking at deploying FreePBX.
Does it have the predictive dialer features (A features that allows me to load a contact and the server will call them) ?
Please i need help.
Thank You.

That doesn’t sound like predictive dialling. Predictive dialling is where the system calls a number before the agent comes free from the last call, hoping that an agent will be free by the time the callee answers.

Thank You for you kind and prompt response.
Please what feauture allows you to load contacts and the server makes the calls ?

It will depend on the CRM software you are using, but the [CRM Link | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring](CRM Link commercial module) sound like it might fit.

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The commercial module known as Broadcast or Xact Dialer does this.

Thanks a lot.
I am most grateful for these info.
Please how can i reach out to you ?

degreatmind yahoo com
whatsapp: +2348030847917

Thanks a lot

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