Pre-Recording Voicemail Greetings

Is it possible to use pre-recorded wav files for voicemails instead of having to dial in and record each box individually?

I can’t seem to find where I would set this if it is possible.


Yes it is. You can record them as 16 PCM 8 KHZ wav files. You will have to use your mailbox once to get the directory structure to put them in.

To expand on what John said.
When you first create a extension with voicemail it does not actually create the directory structure until it is accessed once. Then it creates the directories, etc. So you need to do that or get to understand the directory structure very well to duplicate that process.

You can then take recordings and upload them, via recordings page. It will take that file, upload it and create the multiple formats that the system uses assuming you have the source file correctly done. Then you’ll need to go into the linux prompt and copy some files around (you’ll need the .WAV and .wav files, rename them into the proper greeting (greet, unavail, busy, etc…). It does work but it’s work.

thanks a bunch for that information. This is my first foray into freepbx. I know linux fairly well so thats not really an issue. If you could give me some pointers as to the directories that are involved with this so I know where to copy from and where to copy to it would be greatly appreciated.


voicemail boxes and it’s storage is located at /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail past that create an extension and check it out, then go in and record a greeting message and check again, leave a message and check it again, you get the idea. What you are attempting to do is NOT normal so you’ll not find clear documentation on it.

sweet that helped a lot. Where would I find the System Recordings? I uploaded one called GeneralGreeting8 but I can’t seem to find it.


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