Pre recorded message after the handset is picked up

Evening, it’s not a must but is there a way to have a pre recorded message played when a call is answered. So rather than then the receptionist saying the same thing over and over I.e company how may I help you. They could record this before and play it to each caller? Any ideas how to do this or if there’s a module for it? Thanks.

Upload a admin->system recording

use it as the source of an application->announcement and select the “destination after playback” as appropriate

send your inbound calls to there

For the next problem you have , you can save all sorts of time by reading and absorbing the wiki linked to at the top of this page, it’s mostly all there already :slight_smile:

That would play before ringing the agent, but with careful wording might be acceptable. Otherwise, you could use a custom extension with a dial option to run a macro or gosub on answer that called playback.

Or just use the recording as the “join announcement”

thanks i’ll Give these ideas a try

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