Pre-Pending Area Code and Switch

This is something I’ve always wondered if is possible.

Many of the numbers we dial are all on the same area code and switch.

If I switch my extensions to 3 digits, is there a way I could program FreePBX so that if someone dials a 4 digit number, it would automatically add the remaining 6 digits? I know I could create use the misc apps options but there are hundreds of possible numbers.

For example.

If I dial 1234, FreePBX would add 555-666 and dial 555-666-1234.

The phones themselves can do it, but it requires dedicating a button and most of our phones are 3 line phones and we have them filled up.

Sure in outbound routes setup a xxxx with the prepend of nnn and nnn bieng your area code.

Make a rule in your outbound routes.

Prepend: 555666 (or 1555666 if your trunk provider requires it)
match pattern: XXXX (assuming some of the four digit numbers will be starting with 0)

You can also test for a leading digit 2-9 with NXXX so if your extensions are all 1xxx you wouldn’t even need to change your extensions to use four digit dialing of outside numbers 2000-9999.

So you only want to limit this to a specific NPA-NXX? So you’re always dialing a subscriber in that area code/exchange?

Yes, because we are interfacing with an off-site Centrex PBX. That PBX is owned by the county and they control every number in the exchange.

Currently I have it configured so that a DAHDI connected dial plan of XXXX is first, and it will catch the 4 digit extensions, but as I’m visualizing FreePBX, I’m switching to ATAs.

If I can’t get the 4 digit dialing to work the same way, my plan is to use the pre-pend and send it out as a normal phone call.

It is possible in 6-12 months, they will provide us the credentials to do a pure SIP trunk using a 2nd NIC card, but right now they are still sending us an Analog line and not offering a direct interface with their Centrex system.

I’m hoping to transition to the virtualized PBX this weekend so I’m trying to cover all my bases beforehand.

If you have a Centrex trunk, generally dial just XXXX for a centrex extention any where in that centrex exchange, even if elsewhere in the county.

Usually you would dial 9NXXNXXXXXX for an external pstn call, (international calls need 9011.)

The prepend in combination with 3 digit extensions did exactly what I needed it to.

Our Centrex is limited to outgoing local calls only or internal extensions, it’s just tricky working with it.

Hopefully things will be easier when they give us SIP credentials.

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