Power draw on a PBXact 400

Does anyone have the details on the power supplies that come with the PBXact 400 units? I am trying to size some battery backup options and can’t find the exact wattage and amperage on the power supplies that come preinstalled in these units.

I’ve found the technical specs for the units but all they list is voltage:

I believe without cracking one open it is a standard 1u 250w power supply

But that is probably overengineered, especially after the disks have spun up, so, if you don’t want to overengineer the backup, you probably need to measure actual demand.

As it always goes with these posts, I was hoping that somebody had already done all the work already. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t have any non production machines just sitting around to just test with. I’ll check with Sangoma support.

ask them the model of the i5 processor and look it up in the Intel ark.

That will only give the peak demand of the processor, and exclude other components. If sizing batteries, the average demand of the system will be more important.

Designing on the peak would likely cover the additional “cost” of the other components. The SSD is going to be about 5V 1.7A (x2), the 8GB DDR4 RAM will be about 1.5V 3.3A. The OP could hook the system up to a power meter and monitor that for a period of time.

You could also look to see if you can get what you need from software.
How to monitor power usage in Linux (xmodulo.com)

Yea, hooking up a system to a power meter was the fallback plan but because all of our 400s are in production that wasn’t going to be too convenient to do so I was hoping that somebody else already did the work.

Thanks for all the suggestions and info.

For any future Googler’s, apparently there is a wiki for that.


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