Power cut now free pbx system 60 won't reboot

I had a power cut in the office and the sangoma freepbx system 60 won’t reboot. If I press the tab key during power up I get the following window where I am faced with the gnu grub version 0.97 screen.

What can I do to rectify this issue. I have the USB stick provided by sangoma for a reset, but it I don’t know how to get it to boot from the USB stick.

Can you get to the command prompt by pressing ‘C’?

John, I haven’t tried that as I am relatively new to this so I wasn’t sure what would be my next move. I can access the file by pressing ‘e’ so I reckon I can get to the command prompt. What do you recommend I try if I can get to the command prompt. Assume I need each step as I am a novice. Thanks in advance. Sven

Are you sure it’s not booting. Early versions would not show the boot process on VGA on only serial console.

It doesn’t boot… left it for along time. I just get a cursor where I can type what I want. Nothing happens though.

In or wiki we have guide under the appliance section how to reinstall.

Can you supply the link to the reinstall section please? It sounds like I need to get a console cable as well.

I am no Linux guru and there are so many more on this forum that are. Be warned! Any of the stuff I would try may really mess you up.

Power issues, Off then On, surges and stuff can mess you up. From a scrambled sector on your hard drive to a component failure.


I would try to hit C to see if it will boot into the console. If so, you should get the standard prompt and login as root. If not, I would pull the hard drive and mount it in another system and then do the following on whatever mount point it is located at.

I’d check and see if the hard disk has bad blocks/sectors. (commands given should work on current mounted drive). May have to Google as these are off the top of my head.

fdisk -l (lower case L)

…should give you an indication.

I would then try and fix the file system…

fsck -y

Try a reboot…

If still hosed, a reinstall and restore is in order. Hope you have a recent backup.

And, sorry my reply was so late in coming.


You will need the console cable and the USB key that came with the appliance.

Thanks for the reply, ‘fdisk -l’ and ‘fsck -y’ are not available as commands when i get to the command prompt. I pressed the tab key at the command prompt and it listed some commands that i could use (i don’t have the list) but none of them looked that useful.

Still at a total loss on this one.



I have the USB key, but I don’t have access to the console so I can’t follow the instructions. I have purchased a cable which should arrive soon. Is there no other option via the VGA screen?

So, I bought a coms cable and repaired the partitions with the fsck command on the relevant partitions. The phone system is back up and running. So how how do I back up my system, and then once backed up how do you restore it? Using the GUI I see there is a back up and restore option, but this seems a bit pointless if it is backed up to the PBX, some advice on a proper back up strategy for the PBX would be much appreciated.
Thanks to those that responded it was much appreciated!

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Wiki is here: