Potential CDR bug with 2.2.2 and queues

I have a queue with a bunch of extension numbers.
Then when someone calls that queue, the CDR records an entry for all extensions in the queue, resulting in multiple entries (one to each extension) for one incoming call even though only one extension answered !!!

And then even worse; in ‘Asterisk Recording Interface’ AKA ‘the cdr table’, the times shown are correct against the agent that actually answered the call, whereas, other entries who only rang have entries that show a few seconds, and a copy of the same call id! Thus, if you retrieve the audio of only a few seconds assigned to the agents that did not answer, they can get access to the conversion recorded by the agent who did…

This is NOT good. This means that (Not just with ARI), but any utility which returns call records based on the id, can get access to other peoples calls as the id is duplicated in the asteriskcdr database!!!


I have exactly the same problem on Trixbox 2.2. Any suggestions to resolve this? Also there is another annoying bug in the system. If the call record feature is on for an extension and the call comes to that extension from a Call Group, it always records the destination as the Call Group number so you can’t track which extension actually picked the call and based on that find the recorded file.