Postgres CEL or CDR

I’m having issues configuring Asterisk with CDR or CEL to use Postgres. The connection seems fine but when debugging the code it seems it cannot get the columns from the database for cdr or cel.

For CEL the debug log is:

[Mar 22 14:12:39] DEBUG[20283]: cel_pgsql.c:348 pgsql_log: Inserting a CEL record: [INSERT INTO cel () VALUES ()].
[Mar 22 14:12:39] WARNING[20283]: cel_pgsql.c:373 pgsql_log: Failed to insert call detail record into database!
[Mar 22 14:12:39] WARNING[20283]: cel_pgsql.c:374 pgsql_log: Reason: ERROR:  syntax error at or near ")"

My schema is not the default public, but this is also configured. Are there any limitations regarding Postgres?

Why not use the regular ODBC function?

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