Post upgrade problems

I upgraded our asterisk server to a new machine. The old server was running AMP and the new server is running freepbx. I replicated all the extensions and dialplan and copied all the voicemails over to the new server via ftp.

The problems I am having is that call reporting and ARI aren’t showing any iformation which looks like a problem with accessing the database for these applications. The strange thing is ARI does keep track of new messages in the inbox but it doesn’t show any details of the message in the main window.

Asterisk owns all the voicemail folders and their contents. The permissions to the database in the ARI and reporting config files seems correct. I compared it to another server running freepbx and haven’t found my problem.

Any advice on where to look to troubleshoot my problem would be appreciated.

Thanks for any input!


did u do this ??
create SQL table for storing CDRs
/usr/bin/mysqladmin create asteriskcdrdb --user=root --password=MYSQL password

/usr/bin/mysql --user=root --password=MYSQL password < YOUR SRC FOLDER/asteriskcdr.sql


Thanks for the reply!

The database was created but it has no records.

Digging deeper into the problem I found a typo in one of my commands. This looks like it screwed up my cdr_mysql module in asterisk.

I will take a look at it tonight after hours.