Post-Restore Hook does not find the script [SOLVED]

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Freepbx 13
I am trying to run a script in Post-Restore Hook but it does not find the file yet I put it both in the main dir / var / spool / asterisk / backup and in the specific dir of the backup, the rights are 777 and I gave asterisk owner. …
I saw some ducumentation but for version 15

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I also put the script in the home … / home / asterisk
I also put the script in / var / spool / asterisk / backup /
i put the execution rights and i put asterisk as owner
I don’t know what to invent anymore …

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When I perform the procedure here is how it responds:
Running post restore script…
sh: ripristino: command not found


Perhaps try putting the script in /var/lib/asterisk/bin/

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basically i used directory / home / asterisk / backup and gave execute rights

so i run the script correctly

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The problem was in how I set up asterisk backup Warmspare I didn’t know how to use Warmspare well and it gave problems before it called my code …

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