Possible to password protect menu/preferences on phones?

Working with D62 phones using EPM/DPMA.

We’re trying to lockdown phones as much as possible to prevent users from making changes. I know the “menu” button can be removed from the horizontal soft keys in the model template, but is there a way to keep it on the phone and password protect it? It’d be nice to be able to login when at the phone to make changes. Ideally we would like to be able to only allow access to certain items, like ringtones, volume, brightness.

this is much more “Endpoint” than “FreePBX”
but: if you can configure this via the web interface of the device, or via a config file, the endpoint manager can push that option out to your devices.

Well EPM disables the web interface, so I’m not sure what all is available. I’ve looked through the base file but haven’t found anything that obviously points to what I’m looking for.

I’m jut trying to be secure and protect users from themselves.

you can change that in the EPM config :slight_smile:

How? I don’t see it in the GUI and I cant seem to change:
<setting id="web_ui_enabled" value="0"/>

are you using Endpoint Manager?
you likely need to edit your template file
Settings >> Endpoint Manager >> the menu on the right >> base file edit
find the one for your device, and set that to
<setting id="web_ui_enabled" value="1">

Correct, that is one value that won’t stick. I can make the change and the “applies to models” pop-up shows “1”, but the red text in the basefile settings never changes…it’s red but still “0”.

I figured DPMA or EPM was not letting that happen.

The individual menu items within the preferences or admin submenus can’t be individually password protected, those screens aren’t built in a way where they can easily inherit some higher-level password-required function or anything…they’d need a rewrite.

But, they can be hidden using the <hide_options id=xyz> child element of the phonemenu appconfig setting.


How in the world do you add the appconfig->phonemenu section in the basefile editor in EPM?
I found something probably related in /etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs/${ext}/${mac}.cfg, I’m concerned about mucking about with the text files there as I don’t know when they may be overwritten…plus the fact that I don’t really want to edit a bunch of files by hand.

Ok, different approach…
How do I edit the basefile using EPM to add:

<appconfig id="phonemenu">
    <hide_options id="admin">
        <option id="changePassword"/>
        <option id="sipLines"/>
        <option id="vpn"/>

to the xml files living in /etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs/${ext}/${mac}.cfg?

Note, the only line I’m actually adding is the vpn line. None of that entire block is shown in the EPM basefile editor. The entire block excluding the vpn line is already in the xml file.

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