Possible to make UCP password same as VM password?

Not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice to be able to log into the UCP with one’s VM password.

Option in 13, User Manager, Settings, Authentication Settings, Authentication Engine, Asterisk Voicemail.

I would just like to point out this is a HORRIBLE ideal. especially if exposed to the public internet.

Its internal only. No outside access.

IMHO it is always a good idea to force somewhat secure vmail passwords with externpasscheck


given that the top right hand corner “cog wheel” allows the user to change the ucp password to anything she wants.

If I change engines on a system already running with lots of users, what happens? Will it just keep my usernames (all are extensions) and just associate the VM password or will I need to make new users?

Will this affect the admin user account?

You would have to explain what “change engines” means to you.