Possible to make trunk cover address range?

This is kind of a strange situation. I am receiving desired inbound calls to our system that are simply being forwarded to our sip address, and I’m lucky to be able to get them delivered that way, because it’s not as though I can do actual sip trunking. However I don’t want to allow anonymous SIP calls, so the only way to get around that (that I know of) is to create a trunk for each IP address the calls might come from. Then in the trunk I have a statement of the form


and really not much else other than the bare basics. That works as long as the calls come from that address. Asterisk sees it as a “known” address, and therefore not anonymous. But the sender also has server2, server3, etc. What I am wondering, if anyone knows, could you use something like *.server.org, or can you put multiple host statements in a single trunk definition? I just hate creating a bunch of small trunks that may or may not ever be used, if I can get away with using just one. Any knowledgeable folks who know how this works? I know I should probably ask this in an Asterisk forum, but this is usually a friendlier bunch.


only one address per trunk last time I looked.

you can always regulate it at your firewall and then allow anonymous within Asterisk.

Not what I was hoping to hear, but thanks for the response, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!