Possible to create user that can only access reports?

I want to set up a user that can only access reports. Under the administrators tab I could Ideally I would like to be able to allow them just access to the reports tab so as to make it as simple as possible, but I don’t seem to see the option. Even if I deselect every option for the user the FreePBX System Status still appears when you click the admin tab. That isn’t too big of a deal as one can’t mess anything up there, but I would prefer for the simplicity as the less distractions the easier it will be for me to support and train users.

If I give the user a link to the frame that the reports is contained within I get “YOU MUST ACCESS THE CDR THROUGH THE ASTERISK MANAGEMENT PORTAL!”

https://[ip address]/admin/config.php?handler=cdr&s=1&posted=1