Possible? Multiline Caller ID or Show Only Numeric Caller ID on s405

I have a bunch of s405 phones and one of the managers is annoyed at how the caller ID is displayed on his phone. He would like the caller ID either displayed on two lines:

Caller Name

If this is not possible, he would like just the number to be displayed. I’ve searched the forums and have found nothing, looked around the endpoint manager and found nothing, and poked through the basefile editor and found nothing.

I have to think that the multiline CID is possible on this phone as it’s such a basic feature, but can’t figure out how to make it happen. Even if it cannot, I can’t seem to find how to disable the caller ID name and display only the number on an extension level. (Other people don’t want this changed.) Can someone enlighten me?

Maybe time for a an S500/S700 series for this user? Seems like the least path of resistance.

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