Possible multi-tenant design?

Hello all (please keep in mind I am very new to Freepbx and pbx software in general)

I am looking at possible multi-tenant designs for freepbx (I know its not designed for this)

I am thinking about the following 3 steps;

1-create a virtualbox for each customers freepbx server
2-create a master virtualbox server
3-update the master freepbx server by restoring backups (S3 buckets) from the customers servers

The master server now serves as a central admin login to view all customer server info.
Can this work?
Will updates overwrite or aggregate? What if I just want to access the customers ‘Call Accounting’ module data in the master?

I’ve researched that multi tenant solutions are somewhat possible by modifying some config and dialplan data. If so, is there an online source that can provide info?

Thanks in advance

If you are new to FreePBX and you have multi tenancy as a core requirement, why not look at a solution that supports it right out of the box?


The way most people are doing multi-tenant with FreePBX is not very clean. Freeswitch, Kazoo, and FusionPBX are probably better options. The company that I know does Asterisk multitenant is 3rd Lane and VitalPBX.

The bottom line is that installing FreePBX in its own virtualbox for each customer isn’t multi-tenant. It’s a bunch of individual systems for each customer. Trying to make a “master multi-tenant” so you can look at individual system data is the wrong way to approach this.

Making a centralized interface to be able to look at/manage individual systems does not require a “master FreePBX system” to do it.

As others have mentioned FreePBX is not (nor was it ever meant to be) multi-tenant. Virtualization would be the way to go but as mentioned by Tom that is just a bunch of FreePBX installs and isn’t multi-tenant.

For managing updates and configurations you could use something like Ansible or Jenkins

For call data you could do something with mysql.

If you want truly multi-tenant you should probably look at a solution built for it. Many of these such as the one my company offers will probably be commercial and have a fee involved somewhere.

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